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CDN 2006 - 2007: Market Size, Share, Metrics and Analytics
  • Published : May , 2007
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  • Published By : Accustream Research

Report Overview

This detailed report is a bandwidth services, pricing, revenue, infrastructure deployment and operational analysis of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Included are retail market calculations based on the volume model (gigabytes transferred), rate model (95th percentile for UGV, backhaul), R &D initiatives, total servers deployed, streaming servers deployed, a break out of market segments sizes for video, audio, advertising, progressive download and download, market share by CDN, MRR (monthly recurring revenue), an analysis of media player format share.

Top line report findings and analysis:

  • Combined commercial market value (backhaul provisioning, retail contracts) for streaming audio, video, streaming audio and video advertising, progressive download media and entertainment is estimated at $635 million in 2006
  • Major CDNs grew their total revenue base by an average of 50.8% to $731 million, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) rose by 67% to $10,314
  • Thirteen CDNs analyzed in this report increased total accounts by 25% during the year, ending at 5,800
  • Includes gigabytes transferred and 95th percentile analysis modeling for retail contracts delivered by CDNs, backhaul transit and for self-hosting networks AOL, Real, Yahoo and Google
  • The entire CDN and streaming bandwidth services market is growing at a rate of 33% in 2007
  • CDN servers in deployment rose by 50%, and streaming media servers by 74% in 2006
  • The average cost per gigabyte of streaming video transferred in 2006 was $1.00, compared to $1.41 in 2005, which included the Flash premium
  • The average price to deliver a gigabyte of Internet radio was $0.60/gigabyte. Backhaul and UGV are analyzed on 95th percentile models. Average retail rates ranged from $30 - $115 per Mbps of capacity, lower for wholesale
  • Research indicates Flash has gained share, and closing in on Windows Media, based on total CDN video gigabytes delivered (including advertising). Flash progressive download experienced strong take up in 2006
  • Syndication platforms Brightcove, Maven Networks and The Platform support Flash progressive download. The UGV content segment is almost entirely Flash progressive download. Flash servers are not needed for progressive downloads.

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