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Cloud TV
  • Published : May , 2014
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  • Published By : IDate

Report Overview

A game changer for TV distribution

This report explores changes in users’ viewing habits and the way video is being distributed over IP networks. It focuses on new cloud TV solutions by segment and type of vendor, and situates them in terms of their ability to satisfy the needs of video publishing professionals and consumers.

Slideshow’s contents

1. Executive summary

2. A whole new viewing environment
2.1. The development of IP video is creating a rich and diverse viewing environment
2.2. The ATAWADAC umbrella concept
2.3. More cross-cutting approaches complete the segmentation

3. Solutions from the TV side
3.1. Development of media gateways
3.2. Intermediate devices
3.3. Creating a bridge between home IP boxes and the Internet
3.4. Secure and consistent video distribution

4. Responses from cloud TV
4.1. Cloud TV and its features
4.2. Solution providers
4.3. Customer needs

5. Conclusion

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