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Mobile Applications 2013: Comprehensive Research and Business Intelligence Package
  • Published : November , 2013
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  • Published By : Mind Commerce

Report Overview
Mobile network operators have reached a cross-roads as penetration has reached saturation. Carriers seek to improve top-line revenue and profitability through data plans. Some operators have already started to earn more money from data than voice services. With the introduction of fourth generation (4G) cellular, carriers will realized efficiency improvements as well as additional capacity to sell even more data. However, the introduction of LTE networks comes with a price in the form an evolving supply/demand dynamic. As LTE provides additional capacity, and carriers fill-up demand with data subscribers, the supply/demand curve will shift, and with it pricing. The carriers will eventually reach a plateau in data revenues at about the same data service profitability begins to decrease due to competitive factors and eventual price erosion. To improve the bottom line, and to improve their margins, carriers must accelerate application development and strategic partnerships. They must also focus on high value customers, most notably the medium to large business/enterprise customers. Finally, they must develop their own Value-added Service (VAS) applications, which leverage various corporate assets including their Subscriber Data Management (SDM), location, OSS, and optimization systems. Accessing these systems will be via telecom API. Carriers must also leverage enterprise API for various VAS such as Enterprise Dashboard.

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