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Mobile Applications Stores 2012: Europe - Market Analysis and Business Assessment
  • Published : December , 2011
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  • Number of Pages : 76
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  • Published By : Mind Commerce

Report Overview
The evolution of the cell phone, driven by the wireless data industry trying to make individuals more productive wherever they are, has led to the current state of the art device, referred to as the Smartphone. Smart phones are nothing more than handheld computers that support email, personal organizers, voice & data communications services and other applications. All smart phones come loaded with standard applications defined by the manufacturer. However, in 2009 the network operators, looking for revenue opportunities, have encouraged the development of other applications that can be used on the cell phones they support. Using these applications will use the network services more and generate more revenue. The network operators established business relationships and development platforms to encourage the growth of these applications. Since that time, with popular platforms like Apple's iPhone or Android handsets, mobile application development has exploded. While smart phones are the primary mobile device, over the last two years, we have seen the emergence of tablet computers and other such mobile devices which support mobile applications. We analyze Mobile Application Stores (MAS) provided by the following handset manufacturers: Research in Motion ("RIM") Apple Nokia Palm Motorola LG Samsung Sony-Ericsson We also evaluate the following European network operators' MAS plans: Vodafone Orange T Mobile Telefonica Movistar O2

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