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Netflix in Europe - Local video players strike back
  • Published : December , 2014
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  • Published By : IDate

Report Overview

As Netflix takes an important step in its international expansion strategy with almost simultaneous launches in six European countries, including Germany and France, this report examines the North American giant’s prospects for success in its deployment strategy.

It is based on an in-depth study of four European markets with varied profiles, namely Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

By comparing the major features of the audiovisual sector, analysing the main SVOD services on offer in these countries (national and North American), and identifying the strategies adopted by these services, the study reveals the key factors that are likely to promote or impede the development of Netflix in Europe. It also provides forecasts for penetration of the service and its competitors in the four markets covered.

Slideshow contents

Characteristics of the audiovisual landscapes

  • Four contrasting audiovisual landscapes: Germany
  • Four contrasting audiovisual landscapes: France
  • Four contrasting audiovisual landscapes: the Netherlands
  • Four contrasting audiovisual landscapes: the United Kingdom

SVOD offerings compared

  • The SVOD market in Germany
  • The SVOD market in France
  • The SVOD market in the Netherlands
  • The SVOD market in the United Kingdom

What are the chances of success for Netflix and its competitors in Europe?

  • Europe: a new growth area for North American players
  • Key factors for success of Netflix in Europe

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