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The next step with connected devices this year is the Internet of Things as projected in the Consumers Electronic Show 2015

“Internet of things” is the latest buzz around the tech world and all the industry folks are endeavoring to implement and provide new gadgets with this technology due to its tracking ability. With wearable technology, automated cars, 3D printers and many more in the picture, it isn’t that hard to believe that the sci-fi world will have a technology that can help you control various things in your surroundings. Internet of things can be associated with almost all industrial, non-industrial and general purposes.

Internet of things (IoT) is a proposal in the field of Internet development through which everyday objects or devices, animals and humans would have unique identifiers and ability to transmit data within a network connectivity. IoT is the leap in the technological era which is beyond the concept of machine to machine communications. IoT is the culmination of internet, wireless technologies and micro-electromechanical systems and does not requires any human to computer or human to human interaction for the purpose of sharing data.

Jeremy Rifkin, President, Foundation of Economic Trends says. “Every great economic paradigm shift in history brings together three new technologies in a seamless new infrastructure that changes the way we organize our economic life. New sources of energy to more efficiently power economic activity and new modes of transportation to more efficiently move economic activity.”

The reports earlier have suggested that IoT can be helpful for many fields as it uses embedded sensors in everything that is to communicate with the consumers or devices. IoT would be helpful in numerous fields such as environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, industrial applications, energy management, medical & healthcare systems, building & home automation, transport systems and large scale deployments.

The varied fields that facilitate from the IoT technology would make it a very profitable market in the coming years. The report titled Global Internet of Things (IoT) Market (Technology, Applications, Components, End User and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 – 2020,” is a comprehensive study on the global IoT market which would provide exclusive insights on the market happenings and trends leading to growth of the global market.

With the rising development and technological advancements the decade year old concept of IoT is finally expected to hit the grounds very soon. The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas projected the upcoming trends and developments this year and IoT was one of them.

BK Yoon, CEP and President, Samsung, during a presentation at the CES 2015 explained the various factors that are driving the demand for IoT. As per the surveys by Samsung, consumers preferred the technology to be faster, track efficient and time saving. Yoon suggested that processing connectivity & power and demand for sensor technology are major drivers for the global IoT market.

Blackberry has also announced to be in the IoT league of major players during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2015. Blackberry has declared to focus on the asset-tracking and automotive industry for the initial phase.

"The platform’s asset tracking and connected car applications targeting those markets are just the first step in BlackBerry’s broad and expanding IoT strategy. The BlackBerry IoT platform will also be extended into the smart energy sector and the health-care field," BlackBerry said in a release.

  • Published On: February 2015

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