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Next Generation Network Japan: Market Trends, Challenges and Prospects 2012 - 2017
  • Published : June , 2012
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  • Number of Pages : 35
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  • Published By : Mind Commerce

Report Overview
Japan plays a crucial role in terms of technology innovation for global Next Generation Networks (NGN) solutions. Japan needs to reassess its medium to long-term technology/business direction to optimize market opportunities. Mind Commerce projects Internet Traffic Demands in Japan to reach 2,800 Gbps by 2017. This meteoric demand entails a necessity of an ultra hi-speed network to support 100 billion terminals, more reliable security features, less power consumption, and personalized service on demand. In 2012 key players launched a full-scale roll out of broadband and ubiquitous services at the onset of increased demands for smart phones and tablet-type handsets. This research evaluates Japan's NGN market 2012 - 2017 with consideration to the country's migration towards ubiquitous network convergence based on i-Japan Strategy set to launch in 2015.

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