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Research and Development Forecast of Cleanroom Panel Market in China, 2014-2018
  • Published : June , 2014
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  • Number of Pages : 54
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  • Published By : Huidian Research

Report Overview
Research and Development Forecast of Cleanroom Panel Market in China, 2014-2018 provides in-depth analysis on policy environment, market status, import and export situations of cleanroom panel industry as well as major enterprises in China. 

Cleanroom panel has dust proof, anti-static and anti-bacteria effect. It is widely used in the industry of electric factory, pharmaceutical, food, biology, aviation and precise instrument. 

Compared with the global market, the development of China’s clean room engineering market is relatively stable, and the growth speed is obviously faster. Since 2009, China’s clean room engineering industry has entered into rapid development stage, and the general average growth rate is about 15% per year, excluded the influences of the state macro control launched in some years and the periodical fluctuation of the market. In 2009, China’s clean room engineering industry has begun to recover gradually from the impact of the global financial crisis and achieved 11.47% growth rate, and in the following two years, it has maintained high development speed. In 2012, because of China’s state macro control, and solar photovoltaic industry being trapped in trade disputes as well as the periodical factors of the construction demand of clean room engineering industry in electronic information field, so the growth rate of the industry in that year has slowed down, which was only 11.57% growth over last year. And in 2013, the market scale of China’s clean room engineering industry reached CNY 52.956 billion, up 22.47% compared that of last year, and the speed was relatively faster among the previous years. 

According to the relevant statistics of China’s clean room engineering industry, Huidian estimated that the market scale of China’s cleanroom panel industry (excluding door and window) was about CNY 2.4 billion in 2013, up 20% over last year. At present, the application of cleanroom panel industry in China mainly focuses on three industries, which are pharmaceuticals, electronics and food production, and the total proportion was about 75%. 

Huidian Research indicated that rock wool, the major core material applied in cleanroom panel, accounts for 60% among all the core materials used in cleanroom panel, besides, other core materials, such as bolivian magnesium board, aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, and polyphen, together accounts for 40% of the application. Of which, polyphen is a patent that Shanghai Functional Polymer Material Research Institute introduced from Australia, and it has been produced in Shanghai factories with advanced production technologies, now, it is widely applied in factories of Fuyao Glass worldwide and many other high-end construction projects. 

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