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Smart Grid and Smart Phones Putting Energy Management in the Hands of Consumers and Enterprise
  • Published : October , 2012
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  • Number of Pages : 66
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  • Published By : Mind Commerce

Report Overview
As Smart Grid applications are deployed we will see decrease in the energy needs with 12% by 2030. However, this is not enough as there is a need for increased power supply. The primary reasons to increase worldwide energy efficiency can be grouped into four main factors: • Worldwide energy consumption is growing due to population growth and increased energy use per capita in both developed and developing countries • Fossil fuel resources are finite, and the cost to extract and utilize these resources in an environmentally-benign manner is becoming increasingly expensive • A dependence on non-domestic energy supplies compromises national security for many nations • There is an increasing perception that the environment is suffering as a result of resource extraction, conversion, and utilization This report focuses on smartgrid issues, the need for more efficient management systems, greater capacity and the role of smartphone based applications in supporting both supply-side and demand-side issues.

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