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Ultra High Definition
  • Published : October , 2014
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  • Published By : IDate

Report Overview

A new growth driver for satellite

This report compares and analyses how the various fixed networks are positioned for broadcasting UHD, and also identifies which technologies are best suited to the format by looking at their specific strengths and weaknesses.

It analyses the importance of UHD in the strategies of consumer electronics  manufacturers and its impact on growth in the TV market.

The report also looks at the positioning of content publishing and distribution players in the context of UHD by evaluating which of these players are adopting pioneering strategies. Some of the strategies used to integrate UHD into players’ offerings are detailed.

Finally, it aims to analyse the impact of this new market on the satellite industry using market forecasts for 2018.

Case studies included in the report

  • BBC
  • Comcast
  • Free
  • Netflix
  • Sky Deutschland

Slideshow contents

Definition of UHDTV

  • UHDTV – The latest improvement to TV picture quality

Comparison of various fixed networks’ positioning for UHD broadcast

  • Fixed broadcast network positioning compared
  • Fibre and satellite ideally positioned for broadcasting UHD

UHD, a growth driver for the TV set market

  • Sustained growth in the UHD TV installed base

The positioning of content distribution and broadcast players in relation to UHD

  • OTT players looking to differentiate with the quality upgrade of UHD
  • TV channels still exercising caution
  • Still not many distribution players present in the market

UHD, a growth driver for satellite operators

  • Satellite is particularly well positioned

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